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Ayat “Al-Kursi”

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Surah “Quraish1

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Bismil-laahi rrahmaani rrahiim.

Li iilaafi kuraysh. Iilaafihim rihlatash-shitaai vas-soyf. Fal yabuduu raba hathel-bayt. Allathii atamahum min djuiyuvva aamanahum min haufv.


“[Allah protected the Mecca inhabitants from Abrahi troop] in order to unite quraishits. [In order to] unite them in winter travels [commercial travels to Yemen] and in summer [when they went to Syria]. Let them worship the Lord of this Sanctuary [Kaaba]. Allah, who fed them protecting from hunger and gave them safe feeling setting free from fear [before severe Abrahi troop or anything else that can be a danger for Mecca and Kaaba]” (see Quran, 106).


1 In many Alkoranist opinions this surah is the conceptual continuation of the previous surah (“Al-Fil”).

2 Quraish is the tribe name where the Prophet Muhammad was born (let Allah bless and greet him). Hashim, the quraishits ancestor, was the first who legalized commercial travels in the winter to Yemen and in the summer to Sy-ria. See in detail, for example: Ibn Hisham. Life story of the Prophet Muhammad, translated from Arabic. Moscow: Umma, 2003.