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Ayat “Al-Kursi”marker

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Ayat “Al-Kursi”
(Great Awrang)

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Bismil-laahi rrahmaani rrahiim.

Allahu laa ilaahe illaa huval-hayul-kayuum, laa ta-huthuhu sinatuv-valaa naum, lahu maa fis-samaavaati va maa fil-ard, man thal-lathii yashfau indahu illaa bi ithnih, yalamu maa bayna aydi-him va maa halfahum va laa yuhituna bi sheyim-min ilmihi illa bi maa shaaa, vasia kursiyuhu ssamaavati val-ard, va laa yauduhu hifzuhuma va huval-aliyul-aziim.


“Allah (God, the Lord)... There is no god except Him, Hayy al-Qayyum, Ex-isting. He is not to be visited by the dream or the slumber. Everything in the welkin and at the Earth belongs to Him. Who comes to the defense before Him except according to His will!? He knows that has been and is to be. Nobody can know even a particle of His ilm except according to His will. The Welkin and the Earth are embraced by Kursi (Great Awrang) of Him, and He is not troubled with the worry of them [of all that is in our galactic system]. He is Allah [Supreme Being over all according to all characteristics], the Great [His dignity is boundless]!” (see Quran, the surah “Al-Bakara”, the ayat 255 (2:255)).

The ayat “Al-Kursi” — is a special ayat of Quran having not only deep sense, but also mystic impact. As the Prophet Muhammad said, let Allah bless and greet him, it is the greatest from Quranic ayats, since it contains the testimony of monotheism and also of dignity and boundless of Supreme Creator qualities. In the ayat there are Allah words understandable for human sense, that are used for narration of Allah and His incommensurability with any objects and creatures of the world created by Him. This ayat really has a glorious and delightful meaning and is worth to be called the greatest from Quranic ayats. And when the man reads it while thinking over its meaning and gaining its sense, his heart fills with confidence, knowledge and faith, thereby he protects himself from shaitan malice intrigues.

“Awrang” (“Al-Kursi”) — is one of the greatest creations of Allah. The Rasul Allah said: “Seven Welkins (the Earth and the Welkins) comparing with the foot of the “Awrang” are similar to the ringlet thrown at the desert, and the greatness of the “Awrang” [itself] over its foot is similar to the desert over the ringlet.“1 “Awrang” is imagined properly by nobody except Allah2. Represented words of ayat “Al-Kursi” should not be interpreted in literal sense. Allah cannot be limited with any space and does not need any “Al-Kursi” (Awrang, chair) or “Al-Arsh” (throne).

The ayat “Al-Kursi” by implication and significance is equal to the fourth part of Quran. Its impact is said 'Ali3 — the heir of the Prophet Muhammad: “I cannot understand Moslems that before going to bed do not read “Al-Kursi”. If you knew, how great the ayat is, you would never neglect its reading, as it was done to your Prophet Muhammad, let Allah bless and greet him, from the thesaurus of al-'Arsh. The ayat “Al-Kursi” had not been given to any prophets before Muhammad (let Allah bless them). And I never spend a night without reading of ayat “Al-Kursi” three times [before going to bed]”.

The Prophet Muhammad, let Allah bless and greet him, said: “He, who reads the ayat “Al-Kursi” after namaz prayer, is to be under protection of Allah defense upto next prayer”4. “He, who reads the ayat “Al-Kursi” after namaz prayer, [if he dies], is prevented by nothing on going to Heaven”5.


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