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Ayat “Al-Kursi”

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Surah “Fatiha1
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  1. Bismil-laahi rrahmaani rrahiim.
  2. Al-hamdu lil-laahi rabbil-‘aalamin.
  3. Ar-rahmaani rrahiim.
  4. Maaliki yaumid-diin.
  5. Iyaaka na’budu va iyaaka nasta’iin.
  6. Ihdina ssiraatal-mustakiim.
  7. Siraatol-lathiyna an’amta ‘alayhim, gayril-magduubi ‘alayhim va lad-doolliin. Amen.2.

Surah “Fatiha” translation and meaning:

1. In the name of Allah [in the name of God, the All-father, the One and only One for all], whose loving-kindness is unlimited and never-ending. The surah starts with Allah name, the One, the Mature, the Omnipotent, the Impeccant. He is the Rahman, the Goodness Giver (great and small, general and particular).

2. Truly eulogism is only for Allah – the Lord 3 of the worlds. All types of superlative eulogy on Allah One for all that He predestinated4 for His servants. All dignity is for Allah – the All-Father and the Lord of worlds inhabitants5. . In this revelation Allah named Himself as the Lord of the worlds em-phasizing that only He created, controlled and gave goodness for that He wanted. All possible nature phenomena, economic and politic crises, great scientific discoveries and dramatic historical events – everything happens in the Earth is controlled and disposed by Allah leading the Life according to common design. He is the only Owner of real power.

3. Whose loving-kindness is unlimited and never-ending. ÎAllah is Most merciful. Only He is the source of Mercy and the Giver of all Goodness (great and small).

4. To Master of Judgment Day. Allah only is the Master of Judgment Day – the Day of estimation and reward. And nobody except Him has a power during this Day. During the Judgment Day everybody gets reward for deals, words and deeds he has performed within temporal life, good or bad. “And who has done the good by the weight of mote [without doubt] can see it. And who has done the bad by the weight of mote [certainly and without doubt] also can see it” (Quran, 99:7-8).

5. We worship You and ask You for help [approval, God berakah in our deeds].

ĎHyperdulia is the notion combining all words and deeds of a man that joy Allah. The act of hyperdulia can be a good word for the relative, the help for the other, for example, with an advice, good deed for him, giving any possibility, rendering welfare assistance etc., herewith doing it disinterestedly and sometimes in prejudice for oneself, self interests, and sometimes without waiting for gratitude for welfare done. When the sole and sense of a man are free from waiting for gratitude, filling only with love and awing before the All-father, herewith the awing is not at the level of words, but of the hearts (“and their hearts are awing”)6  , it is one of the endless number of Allah hyperdulia sides. The correctness, adjustment of intention and the heart sincerity filled with love for the Lord of worlds are the qualities raising a common, the most temporal deed up to the level of “accepted hyperdulia» for Allah giving the man the right for hoping for the response God love.

However the pray for help is one of the hyperdulia forms, Allah in His last Writing noticed it separately, as performing any ceremony (deed) the Allah servant needs for help from his Lord. Without His help the man is never able to perform properly God callings, to pass patiently difficulties and to avoid sins.

6. Direct us to the right way7. [Lead us along direct way of truth, welfare and happiness, direct to this way and help for following it.]

7. The way of Your servants [among prophets, rasuls, holy men and all who honored] who were instructed for Your faith and were given Your loving-kindness, directing them to the direct way and gave them Your acceptance, but do not [lead us the way] of those who angered You and lost the way of truth and welfare [not performing and following obligations done by You].

“Fatiha” — is the greatest surah of Quran. It is one of the most useful, deep and comprehensive Islam prayers. It says about the assembly of ideas and general meaning of Quran confirming monotheism and being a good news for followers. In this surah Allah warns about the penalty of sinners and non-followers, and also notices the necessity of the Lord Hyperdulia. Also the surah narrates about those who went after Allah and got the beautification, and those who did not go after Him, did not follow obligations fixed by Him and found them at a loss.

Allah obliged people invocate for Him with these words during every rak’ah of namaz, as every man needs for God help. Prophet Muhammad, let Allah bless and greet him, particularly emphasized the influence power of the surah, noticing: “Fatiha» — the healing of any illness except death”. Confirming his words there is the following Hadith.

Once upon a time the group of the Prophet followers, the Peace for him and Allah berakah, passed the oasis, which headman of the tribe had been bitten by scorpion. They were met by the oasis inhabitant who said: “Are here among you the men able to heal with prayer? In the oasis there is a man bitten by scorpion”. The Prophet follower went to the headman and began to read the surah "Fatiha"8, blowing and spitting to the place of bite. The man began to recover very fast. In some time the headman seemed to become healthy and began to walk fully free of pain. When the sick man fully recovered, the followers came back to the Allah Prophet, let Allah bless and greet him, and narrated him about happened event, whereat the Prophet asked: “Where did you get to know that “Fatiha” is able to be a charm (medicine) from? And then he said: “You did everything right9, share everything you have got and separate a sheep for me”10.

Imam an-Navavi said: “The surah “Fatiha” is a healing charm (together with other ways of its usefulness and fertility). So it is wishful to read the surah to those who are given harmful poisonous bite, and also to anybody suffering from any ailment or disease"11.

This surah is an effective appeal-du'a sent to the world without notions of time and space, the correct appeal to which can turn out into indescribable forms of happiness in temporary and never-ending .


1 It is the first surah according to the sequence in Alkoran and the first surah fully sent. | |

2 The word “Amen” means “O, Allah, accept our prayer» and “So be it”. | |

3 Dominion – dominant overpowering influence somewhere, possession of absoluteness over somebody or some-thing. His power and might are so great, that man's reason is not able to know these notions in full measure. It comes out of human abilities pale. | |

4 In detail about the theme “Kadar” – Predestination?" you can read in book by Sh. Aljautdinov “Islam 624”, pp. 7-25. | |

5 The world of human beings, plants and animals; the world of angels and jinns etc. | |

6 «And those who give that they give [from the idea of good deals, deeds, obligatory alms (zakat) or simply charity], and [it happens in the condition of that] their heart are awing with [the reason of awing is that] they come back to their Lord (are to be brought back)” See: Alkoran, 23:60. | |

7 The meaning of the notion “Right way” see, for example: Sh. Aljautdinov  «Tafsir of Alkoran», 2006, pp.23. | |

8 Tirmizi said the surah was read seven times. | |

9 Prophet Muhammad said that in order to show the absence of any doubt of the reward. In one of the variants of Hadith there are the words of the Rasul: “The worthiest earning is that earned with Allah Writing”. Hadith of Ibn al-'Abbas. | |

10 See, for example: Bukhari M. Kutub as-sittah : In 2 vol., V.2, p.671, Hadith #2276. | |

11 See, for example: Benna A. | |

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