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Ayat “Al-Kursi”

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Surah “Al-Falaq”

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Bismil-laahi rrahmaani rrahiim.

Kul authu bi rabbil-falaq. Min sharri maa halak. Va min sharri gasikin ithaa vakab. Va min sharri nnaffaasaati fil-ukad. Va min sharri haasidin ithaa hasad.


“Say: “I'm looking for the daybreak from Allah salvation from the evil coming from the created by Him, and the evil of darkness came down. From the evil of practicing witchcraft and of envier, when the envy is growing within him” (see Quran, 113)..

 During the dialogue with one of the companions the Prophet Muhammad asked: “O, Abu Habis! Would you like me to tell you of the best words, which people may voice searching Allah protection?” He said: “Of course, o, Allah rasul! In return the Prophet Muhammad, let Allah bless and greet him, read two last surahs of Quran — “Al-Falaq” and “An-Nas” — and added: “These two surahs are used [by people] for Allah protection”.1

Allah rasul, let Allah bless and greet Him, applied for Allah protection from people jinx and jinns [with the help of prayers]. When these two surahs were sent (“Al-Falaq” and “-”) by means of which it was possible to apply for Allah protection, he began to repeat [only] them and left the rest of protecting prayers.2


1 This Hadith was given by An-Nasai, Al-Bagavi and others.

2 Hadiths of imam At-Tirmizi.