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Ayat “Al-Kursi”

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"Verily the worthiest from you is that
studying Quran and teaching It others"


This textbook is intended for those who break ground in Quran studying. At the basis of the textbook there are the Quran translation and the tafsirs of modern elucidators, and also the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad, let Allah bless and greet him. "Able to read Quran well is to be with worth and noble angels, that reading Quran with an effort and it is difficult to read It for him is to have double fruit",said the last rasul Allah, Muhammad. Also it is known from the Hadith that the retribution for every letter of Quran reading is treated as ten pieties.

In the textbook there is the transcription and the translation of last twelve surahs of Quran, and also surah "Fatiha" and ayat "Al-Kursi" with the original text of Quran. In the book the most simplified variant of Arabic letters (harfs) is presented. For the letter 'ajn identification the symbol [] is used; the letter zal, which has a sounding as English [th], is identified by underlining [th]; the gemination is used for long sound identification. It is important to realize that no transcription can reproduce all the ins and outs of the sounding and the pronunciation of Arabic letters (harfs). For more proper idea of pronunciation and sounding of Quran surahs the audio CD with reading of surahs given in the textbook is attached.

Thus, the textbook allows people lack knowledge of Arabic get to know the pronunciation and content of separate surahs of Quran.